1. Flamingo Beach
Flamingo Beach is the perfect escape where sun, sand, and real flamingos make this postcard scene come to life, offering a relaxed, pristine stretch of sand set aside for adults only, where flamingos roam freely. Spend the day relaxing in one of our 7 private cabanas and then indulge at Mangrove Fish Shack & Beach Bar, a great place to kick back and relax with one of our fresh seafood dishes and some hand-crafted cocktails, inspired by the beauty and vibrancy of Aruba’s art & culture.
2. Iguana Beach
Guests of all ages will be delighted to revel in the excitement of Iguana Beach where you will find Papagayo Beach bar, 8 private cabanas, and lots of space to relax for the day.
3. Coral Beach
Coral Beach is a hidden gem for private weddings. No one will disturb or photo-bomb your moment in this new and secluded area.